The CTLS is the newest evolution for the Flight Design CT range of aircraft. Longer, lower and sleeker, the CTLS was designed specifically for the Light Sport Aircraft category, and offers many new features to further improve comfort and performance.

The fuselage on the CTLS is 35cm longer, which significantly increases pitch stability and dampening, resulting in a smoother flight in turbulence, and easier landings.

By optimizing the shape of the fuselage, drag has been reduced, while cleaning the airflow to the stabilizer, further increasing lift and reducing drag.

Dynon Skyview in the New Flight Design CTLS at SEBRING 2010

The stabilizer trim incorporates a new flexible elastic hinge, which is aerodynamically cleaner, and the control linkage has improved gearing for finer control and better trim feel. The wing of the CTLS uses the same efficient airfoil as the CTSW. Advanced winglets reduce induced drag, improving climb, cruising range and aileron control at low speeds, while conveying a 21st Century look.

In total, the aerodynamic changes have significantly improved the stability of the CTLS and its ease of flying, and new urethane polymer shock absorbers in the nose gear give high dampening and help to smooth out hard landings.